Thursday, 2 July 2015

Co-op Culture

I'm pleased to announce that I have joined Co-op Culture - another organisation through which I can help develop co-operative and community enterprises.

Co-op Culture is a co-operative consortium of co-operative and community advisors, entrepreneurs and enterprises.  Our members and associates have a vast and varied experience of supporting co-operative, community and social enterprise to start and grow.
 We deliver the following support and services:

  • Feasibility studies and market planning. 
  • Business Planning. 
  • Financial planning. 
  • Community finance support including drafting community share offers. 
  • Advice on grant and loan finance. 
  • Advice on legal and organisational structures. 
  • Governance audit and advice on governance “health”. 
  • Facilitated planning for start-up or organisational change. 
  • Advice on measuring and reporting social impact. 
  • Delivery of training on all of the above. 

We specialise in the following areas:
Community Agriculture. Community Food Enterprise (food, co-ops, processing, retail and wholesale). Community Energy. Housing Co-operatives Community Land Trusts. Co-operative Bakeries. Woodland Social Enterprise and Social Forestry. Co-operative shared workspaces and hackspaces. Transition Enterprise.