Friday, 19 April 2013

Meanwhile, over on the Guardian Social Enterprise Network

Today I had a piece published on the Guardian Social Enterprise Network Co-operative & Mutuals Hub all about a subject my co-op "Co-operantics" cares a great deal about - Co-operative Skills.  It has to be stressed that Co-operative Skills are not just useful to co-ops, they are useful to all social enterprises! Co-operative Skills can improve all organisations who have meetings, deliver work in teams, want to develop a positive team spirit and want to improve motivation.   
You can read the blog by following this link:

Friday, 1 March 2013

Training delivery in Nottingham

Following critical acclaim on the first run in London, for its second run of the excellent First Steps in Social Enterprise course for Metropolitan Housing Association, Olmec has again asked me to deliver a day on legal structures.  This time it involves a trip to Nottingham.
My only regret is that I arrive on Friday too late to visit the "Screaming Carrot" co-operative bakery and will be starting and finishing before they open and after they close on Saturday.

Details of the learning outcomes for the day can be found here: