Thursday, 11 February 2016

Solent Social Enterprise Week

How did this come up so quickly?!!
There is a whole programme of events and activities taking place to celebrate and promote social enterprises in my area during February

On Tues 23rd Feb I will be racing back from a piece of community enterprise work in Tottenham to host a talk and discussion about the radical history of co-ops and what place they might have in 21st century Southampton organised by the wonderful Dangerous Ideas mob.   It's not the first event but I have starring role so I'm blowing my own trumpet!

On Friday 19th Feb we will be having a launch for the zone, at which the Action Group (of which I am one) get to hang out with the stakeholder group and then local social enterprises will be showcasing what they get up to.

 On Sat 20th Feb there is a "Buy Local, Buy Social" day. I buy from social enterprises whenever I can and I may be doing some media work on the day down at Rice Up Wholefoods if all goes to plan.

There is a full listing of activities available here.

 If you do Facebook, head over to this page.