Networking is a key aspect of my work and over the years I have helped set up or manage a number of social enterprise networks including Olmec's Step Ahead network for BME led social enterprises, Co-operatives South East, Solent Social Enterprise Zone.  My 2 key offers are:

  • Facilitated networking sessions
  • Helping to establish a social enterprise network

Facilitated networking sessions

The call bell adds an element of urgency
and ensures 1 person does not dominate!
Taking my queue from long term collaborator Sion Whellens of Principle Six, I run business referral sessions.  A simple and easy process that can be concluded in 90 minutes, it enables social enterprises and co-ops to highlight key contacts they need to make and generate leads and referrals from other participants.
The process is high energy, creates a buzz, and focuses on making every minute of the networking experience matter. 
I've been participating in and running these sessions for years and I'm a huge fan. Why? Because I know it works! I've had participants walk out of the room with a life-changing contact and I myself have picked up work.  
I have run sessions for Airbrick/Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs, Southampton worker co-ops, Solent Social Enterprise Zone and Olmec.

If you want to energise your network sessions, give me a shout!

Helping to establish a social enterprise network

Detail to follow......

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