Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Code of Conduct

I have decided to put up a few guidelines for people who may be interested in buying in my support.  I have published an interim Code of Conduct while I await the development of an appropriate code for professional co-operative and social enterprise advisors.  This is really just crystallising what I already do, but I thought you should know, dear reader!  Check it out using the link in the menu bar.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Housing Co-ops coming home to roost

My first paid role as an advisor was working as a Housing Co-operative Development Worker back in 1998.  The wheel seems to has turned full circle as I am currently working with a number of Housing Co-operative initiatives.  I am working with 2 new Housing Co-ops for Olmec Co-operative CIC who themselves are sub-contracted to deliver the support for the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.  One is based on water!  I have also just started a piece of work through my co-op Co-operantics with a well established Housing Co-op to review and improve their governance system.  As an associate of CAN I am assisting the fledgling Housing Development Co-operative which aims to address some of the systemic barriers to the development of co-operative housing.  When you add to that conversations with the Wales Co-operative Centre about support for housing co-ops it seems like Housing Co-ops are flavour of the season.