Code of Conduct

How I work is integral to the quality of my support. 

In addition to experience of advising and training social enterprises since 1998, and continuing to manage them since the early 90s I hold the following qualifications:
  • Level 5 Certificate in Social Enterprise Support (ILM)
  • Certificate in Training Practice (IPD) Level 3 equivalent
I also hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

I am part of a wider network of Professional Social Enterprise Advisors and Co-operative Development Advisors but as yet there are no professional standards.

In the meantime, this is my personal commitment:
  • I will act in the best interests of the client.  This may sometimes mean telling my clients what they do not want to hear.  The client will often be the business, not the individual representing that business.
  • I aim to build clients' capacity in the delivery of support.I prefer to work with clients rather than for them so that they understand the outcome of a piece of work (e.g. a business plan is better understood by people who have been involved in its construction).
  • I will use my networks to the benefit of clients.
  • I will maintain confidentiality. 
    However, where possible I will try to promote the enterprises of my clients to provide added value.
  • If I feel there is a conflict of interests I will declare it, and act accordingly.
  • If I cannot provide appropriate support I will inform the client.
    Where possible I will use my networks to signpost to appropriate providers.
  • I will only charge for the work delivered or quoted.
    Where work is delivered on a by-the-hour or by-the-day basis I will only charge for hours or days delivered.  If there is a fixed price quote I will deliver to the quote.  However, with fixed price quotes I will only deliver the work agreed at the time of the quote. 
  • I will inform the client if further support is required.
    This is regardless of ability to pay as client enterprises may be able to identify resources - including free support from other providers.