Monday, 16 May 2016

Co-op support programme

Co-operatives UK has established a great new programme for co-operatives and community businesses called The Hive.   It provides online resources and tool kits as well as free or heavily subsidised advice and training opportunities available for groups at different stages of setting up or developing their co-operative or social business: from peer mentoring, group advice and one-to-one advice to co-operative skills training sessions.  Some of the sessions available for start-up groups includes:

I am an approved provider for The Hive and will be working with Hive clients through my co-operatives Cooperantics and Co-op Culture.

If you want to find out more about the Group Advice and one-to-one support available, here's some videos I did earlier.  And if your co-op or social business wants to apply please visit this link.  If we've worked together before and you would like me to be the provider, please be sure to mention that in the application!