Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Social Enterprise networking breakfast 16 March Southampton

As part of the Solent Social Enterprise Zone I am leading a networking session on 16th March.
Why come?
  • Get that elusive contact that will help your social enterprise increase sales
  • Promote your social enterprise to a wider audience through other social enterprises - develop your secret sales force
  • It’s a great opportunity to brush up on your pitching skills in a safe environment
  • Meet members of other local social enterprises – the first step to creating a mutually supportive network
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 from 8 am  to 10 am  at Dukes Keep - Marsh Lane Southampton, Southampton SO14 3EX GB

About the session

We are going to be using the "Principle 6" approach to network marketing, developed by Sion Whellens of Calverts/Principle Six.  I have used it on several occasions and facilitated sessions using it to great effect. It provides a simple but effective framework for social enterprises and co-ops to pitch their needs to each other and access each other's networks.  It is quick, high energy, and above all it is great fun!

Timings will change depending on numbers but it will look something like this

8.00 Arrivals, grab your breakfast

8.15 Introduction to Principle 6 networking and how it works

8.30 Pitching session
Everyone has 1 minute to pitch their social enterprise and the contacts they need to make sales or improve the way their business operates

8.50 - 10 min extended pitch: someone gets the chance to give an extended pitch - John from Social Enterprise Link is arranging someone to speak

9.00 Referral session
This is the bit where we feed back on useful contacts from our own networks

We will finish sometime between 9.30 and 10.00 depending on numbers but you can carry on networking once the session is over.

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