Tuesday, 19 September 2017

growing Co-ops and Growing co-ops

growing Co-ops
Intentions to keep this blog up to date have been thwarted by the sheer volume of activity I've been involved in.  As you will see from the "approved provider" logo to the right, I am a provider to the Co-operatives UK/Co-operative Bank Hive support programme which aims to grow co-ops. In addition to providing a great deal of online resources from videos to How To guides to business planning templates, they have been running "Is A Co-op Right For You" sessions and providing one-to-one support to co-operatives and people establishing them.
This video explains what The Hive provides.
I have had the pleasure to provide one-to-one support to several co-ops on behalf of the Hive including:
  • Strategic planning and support to write a business plan for a worker co-op
  • Developing a Membership Development  programme for a worker co-op
  • Strategic and business planning support to a student housing co-operative. 
I've also delivered two well attended "Is A Co-op Right For You" sessions: 1 in Brighton and 1 in Southampton - the latter focused on how co-ops can meet the needs of freelancers in the creative sector.
Growing co-ops
For Co-op Culture I have been supporting a number of community focused co-ops growing food and providing gardening services.

For Co-operantics, on behalf of South East Co-operative Support, I have been providing social impact consultancy to a charity working in recycling and childcare sectors.
I have also been busy with Co-operatives South East, whose AGM and conference I will be chairing before stepping down after 3 years on the Board.

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