Saturday, 7 October 2017

Solent Social Enterprise Zone event 10 October

Jammed between Community Business weekend (7th and 8th October) and Social Saturday (14th October), the Solent Social Booking here.
Enterprise Zone action group are holding a Stakeholder Event  on 10th October. 

As part of the action group, I have always been keen on interaction rather than presentation - we are a body of enterprises and practitioners with a range of valuable experiences.  I'm pleased to say that along with other action group members I will be facilitating some active workshop discussions to try and identify from participants the answers to 2 key questions:

For stakeholders - organisations working with us to build the social enterprise economy in the Solent area - and social enterprises we are asking
"What are the barriers to you buying from, using or finding Social Enterprise providers?"
 For social enterprises taking part we will also be asking
"What are the barriers to promoting your Social Enterprise or selling your goods and services?"
Then we will work on identifying solutions and actions that we can commit to taking.

In other words, what can we do to get more trade flowing into businesses with a social purpose?

See you there!

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